The Quick and Basic Guide to Start Understanding Climate Change

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As it is now turning into a full-on crisis, it is unfortunate that many people still don’t understand the most basic aspects about climate change. Don’t be one of them. Let this quick guide be your starting point to take action.

What is happening now because of climate change?

Each year, the average surface temperature of the Earth is increasing and setting new alarming records. The ice sheets don’t stop declining and the glaciers keep on retreating. The oceans register higher acidity levels than ever.

On a global scale, the sea levels are rising at an unsettlingly fast pace. In the last century alone, the sea rose 17 centimeters. It shows no signs of stopping. The main problem, though, is that we could go on for days.

What caused climate change to happen?

Climate change has been a constant on the Earth for as long as it exists. But those changes used to follow natural cycles of warming and cooling. In this day and age, climate change is man-made, and it is deeply destructive.

Scientists agree that the root of the problem is found in the human activities that greatly contribute to the greenhouse effect. To put it simply, gases like methane and carbon dioxide inhabit the atmosphere, trap the heat in the planet and prevent it from escaping.

What will climate change cause next?

Extreme weather events, bringing intense heat or cold, will be more frequent, severe and damaging. The increasing number of heat waves and droughts will much likely devastate poor countries.

Hurricanes will also occur frequently. And by 2100, the sea levels will probably rise up to, at least, 122 centimeters. That disturbing prediction is the most optimistic.

How can you take action?

That is so much you can do. Start by planting trees, reducing your waste and your energy consumption to the maximum, stay informed and updated daily, vote for green political parties and encourage environmental efforts in your community.

You know what to do: get involved, work for the cause and spread the word!