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When our team decided to create CCTAME, our online magazine about climate change, our goal was never to scare people with all the disturbing consequences of the phenomenon. It was never to make people feel guilty about their lifestyles, or hopeless about the future of our planet Earth.

Fear, guilt and hopelessness are paralyzing feelings. And at CCTAME our commitment is exactly the opposite.

We carry the responsibility of helping more people become active in the fight against climate change. You become a true ally when you implement objective, sustained and consistent measures in your daily life to protect the environment.

In accordance with our mission of driving global change, our team at CCTAME is proud to announce that we are organizing our very first convention on climate change. It holds a special place in our hearts that the name of the event is the motto we set for ourselves back from our founding in 2013: “Climate change demands us to change”.

The convention will be taking place in the city of Memphis, Tennessee from Thursday, September 5th to Saturday September 7th 2019. Tickets will start being available on Monday, July 15th and vary from 10 to 35 dollars.

The specific location, as well as the program, the speakers, and the entire range of activities will all be disclosed in the upcoming weeks.

At the “Climate change demands us to change” convention, the talks and panels will focus on the unsettling effects of climate change in wildlife, oceans, polar regions, forests and freshwater.

Experts will also tackle the topics of how governments, institutions, businesses and individuals can work together to take actions that truly make the difference.