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Hello and welcome to CCTAME! Thanks for clicking. Each and every day, our team of writers, researchers and experts is committed to provide users with the best information. And we do it through our online magazine, which is available for you to browse now!

We should tell you what our work is all about. We tackle the difficult subject of climate change. At CCTAME, our goal is to raise awareness, and most importantly, inspire action to fight against the alarming and potentially irreversible effects of the global tragedy we are living today. To do so we need to learn how to attack the causes of the problem.

By reading and supporting our magazine, you are joining our community of believers in the power of humanity and nature to restore our planet Earth to a much better condition.

We should make something very clear. Climate change is real. It is an undeniable reality, regardless of what many uniformed people may say, much likely blinded by other interests that would clash with the mission to use our planet’s resources sustainably.

In fact, climate change is so real and so unsettling that perhaps we should all start calling it exactly what it is. Climate change and global warming have been the preferred terms by scientists and the public. But in this day and age, what our planet is experiencing is a lot more than that. We are living a climate crisis!

This tragedy is already incredibly destructive and it will only continue to increase in danger. It is not something that only impacts some places of the Earth or that just a few people should worry about. The climate crisis affects each and every species, each and every habitat, each and every corner of the world.

Our generation is the first one in history to be fully aware of the fact that it’s simply destroying its home. And it can also be the last one to know anything about it. Climate change demands that we change!