3 Simple but Powerful Actions to Help Combat Climate Change

featuredimage 3 Simple but Powerful Actions to Help Combat Climate Change 900x280 - 3 Simple but Powerful Actions to Help Combat Climate Change

Read our quick guide and find out that actively combating climate change is not as hard as you think. Even when it is, the results are more than worth it.

Reduce emissions

Whenever possible, use your bike, public transportation or the train for your daily commutes, instead of your car.

When you’re driving a car, the emissions of carbon dioxide increase significantly for each

kilometer you add to your speed per hour. Also, for each liter of fuel a car consumes, more than two kilograms of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere.

To travel long-distance, you should avoid opting for the plane, when possible. Planes also emit an enormous amount of carbon dioxide.

Adopt a low-carbon diet

The dietary options you make also contribute to fight or enhance climate change. A low-carbon diet is a smart consumption choice that helps the planet.

Eat meat less often and increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. The industries that work with livestock are some of the biggest polluters of the atmosphere.

Eat local and seasonal food. Reducing imports of food contributes to less emissions of gases. And opting for seasonal produce avoids the proliferation of alternative unsustainable methods of production.

Not to mention you should also keep your purchases of processed foods and products with excessive packaging to a minimum.

Be active in the protection of forests

Avoid anything that has the potential to act as a fire hazard. When buying wood, make sure you look for any of seal or certification that confirms its sustainable origin.

And have the initiative. Plant as many trees as you can in as many different places. Just one tree can absorb a ton of carbon dioxide throughout its life.

Don’t wait another day to start putting our three suggestions into practice!