3 of the Most Widespread Myths About Climate Change

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It’s time that each person starts viewing climate change as a climate crisis. But how can people be aware of how to act when there is still so much confusion around what climate change truly is and how it affects the Earth?

Let’s clear up three of the most common, widespread and dangerous myths about climate change.

Climate change has always been a reality

It’s absolutely undeniable that over the course of Earth’s history, the climate has significantly changed. However, the natural cycles of warming and cooling are not the factors responsible for the alarmingly swift warming we see today.

Normally, the changes in temperature would happen gradually throughout thousands of years. But now those changes are happening over a few decades. The fact is that global temperatures have reached their highest since scientists began keeping records. Out of the 18 warmest years in Earth’s recorded history, 17 were since 2001.

This unprecedent warming phenomenon cannot be due to the Earth’s natural temperature cycles. Rather, its main consequence is the excessive carbon dioxide found in the atmosphere from the point the industrial revolution took over the world. The levels have only been increasing.

Yes, climate change has been a reality for the entirety of Earth’s existence. But man-name climate change is what we are seeing in this day and age. And that is the deeply dangerous type of change.

It is mostly caused by the burning of coal, gas and oil to generate energy, and the growing of produce in detriment of the trees.

Global warming isn’t real as there are still events of extreme cold

Global warming can be summarized as the increase of the Earth’s average temperature. Nowadays, heatwaves and droughts are much more frequent and destructive.

This warming is triggering various types of changes in our planet’s natural cycles, one of them being extreme weather phenomena. To cite an example, storms and hurricanes are increasingly becoming more severe, moving slower and taking longer to weaken and disappear.

Renewable energy is a scheme

Many people believe that renewable energy is unreasonably expensive and that it’s merely a money-making scheme. That is simply not the case. The most economically efficient ways of producing energy are through solar power and wind. Those sources are much cheaper than resorting to gas, fossil or nuclear fuels.

Additionally, the cost of renewable energy solutions has decreased impressively, faster and more meaningfully than what most expected. Still, an unsettling number of governments continue to be unwavering in their decision to back up dirty and expensive fuels.

In conclusion, a climate crisis is destroying the planet Earth as you read this. It’s very real and its consequences are destructive in a way that has never seen before. It’s time to stop denying it just as a mechanism to cope with the justified concerns, or as an excuse to change nothing.